My journey into holistic avenues for healing began in 2001 when I graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy. I learned about so many alternative therapies and ways to help the body heal itself. I was fascinated by the dichotomy of Eastern and Western medicine philosophies. In 2008 I added Nutritional Therapy to my practice. I found through my efforts to better educate myself and care for my family in a holistic way, that I love teaching others about the way their bodies work and should optimally function. Being able to give my clients non invasive tools and help in their own journeys of healing gives me great joy. I continued to add to my knowledge of functional medicine when I became a certified blood chemist through Restorative Wellness Solutions in 2018. This allowed me to read blood panels from a functional medicine standpoint, instead of the typical western medical models of reference ranges.

I feel that functional medicine is the future of medical care. With ever increasing health problems from poor diet and lifestyle practices, as well as new medications popping up monthly, we need a better way to bring balance and true health back to our lives, without miserable side effects and long term health problems. I offer my clients nutritional counseling based on what their goals are and what level they are at in achieving those goals. Working my own business gives me the freedom to treat clients as individuals without having to meet an outside agenda or protocol, with flexible hours to better accommodate their busy schedules. I don’t have to sing to the tune of the FDA agenda or tout the philosophies of big pharma in decades old health advice that gives inconsistent results.  My work is about getting to the root of the problem instead of only trying to mitigate the symptoms my clients are experiencing. Give me a call now and see the difference in your life!


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